After downloading Mastodon Explorer installer for your computer, if you wish, you can verify the downloaded executable file.

On Mac, use: shasum -a 256 mastodon-explorer-intel.dmg or shasum -a 256 mastodon-explorer-arm.dmg

On Windows, use: certUtil -hashfile MastodonExplorerInstaller.exe SHA256

On Linux, use: sha256sum mastodon-explorer-amd64.deb or sha256sum mastodon-explorer.AppImage

In any case, the resulting long string should match one from this website, above.

Now, run the installer.

On Windows

Your OS may warn you that it came from unknown publisher.

Click More info and Run Anyway

On MacOS

Drag Mastodon Explorer on top of Applications:

Now, find Mastodon Explorer in your Applications folder, right-click on it and click Open. App will run.

Normally, MacOS will automatically verify that App is safe. In unlikely event that it did not, click Open anyway to run it.

On Linux

use GUI package installer or run

dpkg -i mastodon-explorer-amd64.deb

Or, if you used AppImage executable, just click on it to run it. With so many Linux distributions out there, your mileage may vary. Let us know how it goes.

On Elementary OS and similar distributions, install libvips first, for example: sudo apt install libvips.


After installation, proceed to How To page to learn how to use Mastodon Explorer.